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Foreign Engagement


Federal agencies are increasing the requirements for principal investigators (PIs) to disclose their foreign sources of support and to disclose how those sources are being used to support the proposed and related research. UC Merced researchers who receive federal funding for research activities need to be aware of these requirements and how each federal agency interprets what is meant by foreign sources of support. Some of these requirements have been in place for some time and others are new or are being interpreted differently and/or more rigorously than in the past.   UC Merced encourages international collaborations, but it is important for our investigators to be transparent about their foreign relationships and activities.  

The Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED) has compiled the following information to provide guidance and resources to remind researchers of their compliance obligations to federal sponsors. Guidance issued by federal agencies related to the potential impact on grants and contracts is provided in the Sponsor Agency Information section. Please note many of these disclosures requirements have been in place for extended lengths of time, and new guidance is provided for clarity and as reminders. 

Please contact Leslie Teixeira-Porto at or Chou Xiong at