Welcome to the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity

The University of California is committed to the achievement of the highest ethical and legal standards of research conduct and practices and promotes an environment of compliance, responsibility and conscience.

The duty of the Office of Compliance and Research Integrity is to provide broad oversight, resources, training and education for the integrity and compliance issues relating to the conduct of research practices at the University of California, Merced.

The Office of Compliance and Research Integrity attempts to facilitate and better the research community at UC Merced through the following actions:

  • Implementing policy and procedural requirements governing research misconduct, conflicts of interest, human subjects research, animal subjects research, stem cell research and export controls in accordance with state, federal and the University of California laws and regulations
  • Promoting research integrity by providing education, training and resources to faculty, staff, researchers and students in research compliance and the responsible conduct of research
  • Formulating and supervising recommendations regarding ethical practices and professional, federal, state and all other policies or requirements relating to research
  • Creating, maintaining and improving the UC Merced research integrity and compliance infrastructure
Please contact Danielle Dai'Re with any inquiries at ddaire@ucmerced.edu or (209) 228-4805.