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The DURC Process

  1. The PI recognizes the intent to conduct research with one of the Listed Agents (see list of agents and toxins)
  2. The PI contacts the ICDUR to inform them of the intended listed agent use. The ICDUR confirms and informs the Institutional Review Entity (IRE).
  3. The PI provides requested information regarding research intent, experiment design and possible outcomes to ICDUR/IRE. 
  4. The IRE analyzes the information provided by the PI to determine whether or not the proposed research falls under one of more of the seven categories of experiments constituting DURC.
  5. Institutional Review results must be reported within 30 calendar days of the review by the ICDUR to the USG agency (or NIH if not federally funded) whether:

    a. the analyses of the proposed research does not fall under the scope of DURC. In this case, the PI is notified, and no further action is required by the PI regarding DURC oversight.


    b. the proposed research is determined to fall under the scope of DURC. In conjunction with the PI and the guidance of the USG agency, the IRE assesses the dual use risks and benefits and develops a risk mitigation plan for DURC.

  6. The Risk Mitigation Plan is implemented within 90 calendar days of the institution determine the research is DURC, and research conducted is accordance with that plan and periodically reviewed by the institution to determine if a modification to the plan are appropriate. DURC research may not be initiated until a risk management plan is initiated. 

Flow Chart for the DURC Process