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Research Data Protections and Management

Data management is the process of validating, organizing, protecting, maintaining, and processing scientific data to ensure the accessibility, reliability, and quality of the data for its users.

Proper data management helps maintain scientific rigor and research integrity. Keeping good track of data and associated documentation lets researchers and collaborators use data consistently and accurately. Carefully storing and documenting data also allows more people to use the data in the future, potentially leading to more discoveries beyond the initial research.

Sharing scientific data accelerates research discovery, enhances research rigor and reproducibility, provides accessibility to high-value datasets, and promotes data reuse for future research studies

Federal funding agencies emphasize the importance of good data management and sharing practices and many require a data mangement and sharing plan as part of the proposal and acceptance of funds. 

Contact Chou Xiong at with questions or comments regarding research data protections and management.