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International Visitor Registration

The International Visitor designation includes international visitors not sponsored for a visa by UC Merced whose visit to UC Merced exceeds 10 consecutive days. (Note: International visitors will usually have a visa sponsored by another U.S. institution, a B-1 business visitor visa, or be granted U.S. entry as a business visitor under the Visa Waiver Program.) An International Visitor must have a UC Merced employee as a Sponsor who invites the collaborator to UC Merced.

Sponsors are required to submit the International Visitor Registration Form at least 30 days prior to the visitor’s planned arrival. 

*International Visitor Registration Form*

Visitors who have an official academic appointment should not be considered International Visitors and should not be registered via this new process. The host department should request support for a J-1 visa for these visitors. Contact the Office of International Affairs for visa guidance. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Who is considered an International Visitor that requires registration with the Export Control Office?

An International Visitor is a non-US person not employed by UC Merced and who a UC Merced Sponsor has invited to a UC Merced campus or facility to participate in or observe teaching, research, or public service activities for more than 10 consecutive days (not including weekends or campus holidays) in collaboration or partnership with a member of the UC Merced community (faculty, clinicians, and staff).

Specifically, for international visitors, the following should be registered:

  • International visitors here on a business visitor/tourist visa (B-1/B-2) or visa waiver WB).
    • Note: international visitors coming to UC Merced to do research must be working independently (no benefits to UC Merced or a program back home), and due to federal regulations, international visitors doing collaborative work with campus faculty, researchers, or others are required to use a J-1 visa and do not fall within the International Visitor category of visitors who must be register via this process. Please contact the International Affairs Office for visa guidance.
  • Visiting Academic Collaborators who are here in visa categories not requiring sponsorship by UC Merced, with a few exceptions noted in the following section. The appropriate immigration status is the individual visitor’s responsibility. Please contact the International Affairs Office for visa guidance.
  1. Who is not considered an International Visiting Scholar that does not require registration with the Export Control Office?
  • Academic visitors planning to be on campus for fewer than 10 consecutive business days.
  • Any international visitor sponsored by UC Merced for a J-1 visa. This new process does not replace the J-1 program sponsorship requirement for teaching and collaborative research, paid or unpaid by UC Merced.
    • The International Visitor Registration is not a substitute for the J-1 visa.
  • Without salary appointments: International visitors without salary appointments should be here as J-1 scholars.
  • International visitors who are employees and whose visa was processed by a program sponsor other than UC Merced, using work authorization such as J-1 Academic Training, J-2 with Employment Authorization Document (EAD), F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) etc.
  • Anyone employed by UC Merced, such as postdocs or researchers, or having an official academic appointment including without salary.
  1. When must information be submitted?

Sponsors must register the visitor at least 30 days prior to the planned arrival.

  1. What information is required to be submitted?

Sponsors are required to provide the following information:

  • Name of visitor
  • Visitor’s country of citizenship
  • Name of visitor’s employer/home institution
  • Work title/position at home institution (e.g., faculty, researcher, undergraduate student, graduate student)
  • Source(s) of funding for UC Merced visit
  • Name of UC Merced sponsor
  • UC Merced sponsor’s email address and department
  1. Who should register the International Visitor?

The UC Merced sponsor or their designee should register the International Visitor.

  1. What are the overall roles and responsibilities?

The Sponsor:

  • Provides required information about the prospective International Visitor and coordinates the reporting process.
  • Consults with the International Affairs Office if there are questions about the appropriate visa status of international visitors.
  • Ensures that the International Visitor is aware of and follows all university policies applicable to their activities at UC Merced.
  • Works with Office of Research to resolve export control issues, if any. 

The International Visitor:

  • Submits accurate information to be included on the report form.
  • Complies with all relevant university policies.

The Export Control Office:

  • Reviews submitted information and work with campus stakeholders to resolve export control matters, if any.