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Cayuse IACUC


Cayuse Instututional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) went live at UC Merced on May 1, 2021.

Cayuse IACUC is a Cayuse product that manages protocol creation, review, submission and files. It has a user-friendly interface. Cayuse IACUC simplifies animal human subjects research submission process.

Cayuse IACUC (UC Merced)

As of May 1, 2021, UC Merced IACUC transitioned from a paper-based process to a web-based system called Cayuse IACUC. To access the system, click on the Cayuse IACUC link at the bottom of this page and log in with your UCMNet ID and password.

Note: Before you start, please read the FAQs page for important information about Cayuse IACUC.

Please note:

  • New staff, undergraduate, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars need to complete the new user request form to have a cayuse account created.
  • Individuals not affiliated with UC Merced must obtain a UCMNet ID to access the system. Please contact the IACUC Office for help.

Click on the link below and log in with your UCMNet ID.

Cayuse IACUC

Cayuse IACUC Submission

There are no longer multiple protocol application forms. Every new study will have the same initial submission process. The IACUC office will make the determination regarding what type of review will be performed.

Cayuse IACUC forms include:

  • Initial (new protocol submission)
  • Legacy/Existing Protocol (pre-existing study submission/only used for studies existing prior to May 1, 2016)
  • Modification/Amendment (amendment/modification submission, including personnel changes)
  • Continuing Review/Renewal (renewal of study)
  • Withdrawal (withdraw study submission)
  • Closure/Final Report (close study)
  • Incident/Problem Report (reporting incidents/adverse events/problems)

Cayuse IACUC Help

Cayuse has developed a Help page for Cayuse IACUC. The Cayuse IACUC Help is designed to answer questions about what certain items on a given screen are, what they do, how they function, and how you might use them. The content is intended to be functionally descriptive yet brief and to the point.

Cayuse IACUC Help Page