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Q. How do I get Access to Cayuse?

A. Submit your information to the following link:

Q. What Training is required for Investigators?

A. CITI is required for all study personnel. We require the Social/Behavioral Research Course Module. Please view our Training Video for this course.

Q. What if I have already completed CITI training with another institution?

A. You will need to affiliate with UCM in your CITI account and ensure any UCM-required modules are completed

Q. How do I add new study personnel to my approved study?

A. They will need to be added to Cayuse and complete CITI training. The PI will create a Modification submission in Cayuse and add the study member.

Q. I submitted my protocol - What happens now?

A. The IRB office will review the submission for completeness and ensure that all components comply with applicable federal policy, state law, UCOP policy, and local policy and procedures. Once the IRB office sends researchers the initial review comments, the approval time is highly variable depending on researcher response time. Full board protocols (including modifications) take additional review time and are subject to schedule meeting dates.

Q. How did the Common Rule changes affect IRB review and requirements?

A.  You can find changes to the Common Rule here

Q. What if my question hasn't been answered here?

A. Please feel free to contact our office at