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IACUC Application and Protocol Preparation Checklist

Please review this checklist to ensure the IACUC protocol application is complete before submitting the application for review..

  • Each member of the research team, including the faculty sponsor, must complete the CITI Laboratory Animal Welfare course and enroll in the Occupational Health Program.
  • All other applicable approvals must have been obtained or are in process (IRB, SCRO, IBC, Radiation Safety Committee, etc.).
  • Preparatory contact with the Department of Animal Research Services to discuss issues of animal sourcing, ordering, housing and husbandry.
  • If research will be funded by an external sponsor (grant, contract or gift), proposal paperwork must be filed with the Sponsored Projects Office.
  • All applicable sections of the IACUC application and protocol narrative are complete, including all specific descriptions of setting up breeding colonies or monoclonal antibody production.

Investigators and personnel involved in the protocol preparation process are strongly advised to review the IACUC application instructions before completing the application and protocol narratives.

IACUC protocol application