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Training for Animal Researchers

As a UC Merced researcher who uses animals as a part of a research project, the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity and the UC Merced Institutional Animal Use and Care Committee (IACUC) require completion of the CITI online training courses in “Working with the IACUC” and any of the species-specific training courses offered.

Explore the CITI training website; there are instructions for using the site, including starting and completing training.

Video instructions on registering and choosing courses are available here

The principal investigator and all personnel need OCC Health clearance. See the following guidelines and instructions on Risk Assessment: Animal Care and Use and Hazardous Agents.

Once all applicable courses are completed, completion reports will be sent to the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity electronically. By requiring researchers to complete these training courses, we fulfill our institutional obligation and the federal regulatory requirement to train and educate all researchers and personnel who use animals in the course of their research. Animal use protocols reviewed by the IACUC will not obtain final approval until all individuals listed on the protocol have completed training.