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Controlled Items

This is a general list of particular areas called out in the export control lists. Contact the Office of Research Compliance & Integrity for a more in-depth review to see if a license or license exception is required before export.

  • Life Sciences (biotech and biomed engineering) and Chemicals (including medical center and health sciences research)
  • Nanotechnology and materials technologies – e.g., composites and ceramics, various nanotech and sensor programs
  • Advanced computing, microelectronics and telecommunications
  • Information security and encryption
  • Applied physics – e.g., lasers and directed energy systems
  • Sensors, sensor technology, imaging
  • Advanced avionics and navigation (DOC), and Space-related technologies and prototypes (ITAR exclusive jurisdiction)
  • Marine technologies
  • Sophisticated machine tool technologies and bearings
  • Robotics
  • Items or technology specially developed for the military
  • Supercomputers, computing chips, semiconductors, integrated circuits, components (e.g. wafers, etc.) or technology (e.g. designs)

For an engineering specific list of items see here: Engineering Example List of Export Restricted Items

For a list of controlled biological agents click here: Biological Agents