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DURC Program Components

Program Components

  1. Policy - Institution establishes and implements a policy and practices for the identification and oversight of DURC. University of California DURC Policy
  2. ICDUR - Institution designates an ICDUR-an Institutional Contact for Dual Use Research who convenes the Institutional Review Entity (IRE) as needed and liaises with the PI and appropriate USG funding agency.
  3. IRE - Institution appoints an Institutional Review Entity (IRE), comprised of at least five members. They will normally include the ICDUR , the BSO, 2 faculty members and one other person with appropriate knowledge. The committee convenes when use or one of more of the Listed Agents is intended by a researcher. The IRE is responsible for analysis of the potential DURC, as well as the development of risk mitigation planning. It is expected that the PI will be included in this process. The final Risk Mitigation Plan must be approved by the USG Agency.
  4. USG Agency - DURC oversight is done by the Federal agency sponsoring the grant under which the DURC is funded. If the funding source is not a federal agency, the NIH will designate the appropriate Federal agency for oversight.