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Office of Research Compliance and Integrity, Human Subjects Protections

The UC Merced Office of Research Compliance and Integrity, Human Subject Protections is pleased to announce that UC Merced has obtained an institutional account with This will allow our researchers enter their trial information in a public registry and database, analyze other clinical trials and trends in health, as well as publish their work in journals requiring registration. Please read and follow the guidelines below in order to set up an individual researcher account.

Guidelines for Setting Up Accounts for Researchers

Please follow the guidelines below for set up and use of accounts in Clinical (

Please contact Executive Director of RCI - Danielle Dai'Re Benziger to request account set up in

The following information must be provided to set up an account in Full Name and UC Merced email address. Once the account is set up, will email account users directly to request first-time login and changing of password.

Since the account can be used as a shared account (multiple users for one account) when changing the password at first login we strongly recommend using a unique password, and not using any personal or business passwords already in use, including any UCM Net ID information. For more information on choosing a strong password please go to accounts will only be set up for UC Merced research faculty or Principal Investigators. Multiple projects/studies can be entered under one account, which allows research personnel working under one Principal Investigator or faculty advisor to be given access to the account.

UC Merced research faculty and Principal Investigators assume all responsibility for management and accuracy of the studies and information entered in Please remember all information entered into is accessible by the public. The RCI unit will set up accounts but are not responsible for any information about individual studies entered by account users.

Please make sure that the study being entered qualifies as a clinical trial. Please go to to determine if your study qualifies as a clinical trial.

For more information on clinical trials, including coordination and management please utilize the UCSF Clinical Research Hub. UCSF is happy to provide this website as a resource to all UC personnel looking for information on and learning about clinical trials. Please also go to the to learn more about registering your clinical trial.

For other questions and concerns about accounts, please contact Executive Director of RCI - Danielle Dai'Re at

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