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Office of Research and Economic Development

Policies, Guidance and Other Resources

IACUC Policies

Policy No.100: Research and Instruction Using Animal Subjects

Policy No.101: Authority of the Attending Veterinarian 

Policy No.102: Notificaton of Investigators with Sick or Injured Animals 

Policy No.103: Reporting Allegations of Mistreatment or Other Noncompliance Issues

Policy No.104: Investigating Allegations of Mistreatment or Other Noncompliance Issues

Policy No.105: Treatment and Use of Animals under Expired or Suspended Protocols

Policy No.106: Responsibility of Principal Investigators for Monitoring Laboratory Animals

Policy No.107: Occupational Health Program

Policy No.108: Alternatives Search Guidelines

Policy No.109: Determination and Justification of Animal Numbers

Policy No.110: Animal Housing and Environmental Enrichment

Policy No.112: Significant Changes to Approved Research Protocols

Policy No.113: Assessing Scientific Merit

Policy No.114: Use of Expired Drugs and Medical Material in Research Animals

Policy No.115: Mouse Breeding Colony Management


Guidelines - Food & Fluid Restriction

Guidelines - Transfer of Rodents - Import & Export

Guidelines - Collecting Mouse Tissue

Guidelines - Housing Rodents on Wire Mesh Flooring

Guidelines - Experimental Endpoints 

Guidelines - Toe Clipping for Rodent Animal Identification

Guidelines - Rodent Quarantine

Guidelines - Multiple Survival Surgery (Xenopus) 

Guidelines - Multiple Major Survival Surgery

Guidelines - Monoclonal Antibody Production

Guidelines - Euthanasia

Guidelines - Efficient Mouse Colony Management

Guidelines - Collecting Blood from Lab Animals

Guidelines - Acclimation Period for Newly Received Laboratory Animals

Guidelines - Animal Restraint

Guidelines - Analgesic use

Other Resources

ACD Working Group on Enhancing Rigor, Transparency, and Translatabilty In Animal Research Final Report June 11, 2021

Article: Mouse Anesthesia: The Art and Science

The Jackson Laboratory Presentation: 110-Designing-Your-In-Vivo-Studies-Webinar-9Sep2021; Corresponding PowerPoint Slides

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology: The Role of IACUC and AAALAC in animal reseaerch