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Q. What is Cayuse IACUC?

A. The Cayuse Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) module is an easy-to-use system for electronically preparing, submitting, and routing studies for IACUC approval. All information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed securely from any location, making it simple for multiple simultaneous users to view and share documents. Users receive electronic notifications whenever an action is required on their part, allowing the study to proceed smoothly through each step of the process from study creation to final approval.

Q. Who has access to Cayuse IACUC?

A. Anyone with a UCMNet ID can obtain access to Cayuse IACUC.  If you are a faculty, student or staff and find that you are not able to access Cayuse IACUC, please complete this form.

Q. Who can submit protocols in Cayuse IACUC?

A. Only the PI is permitted and responsible for submitting protocols.

Q. How do I receive updates regarding my Cayuse IACUC submissions?

Cayuse IACUC will send notifications on submissions, including initial submission, status, approval and renewal notices, via email from  It is important to pay attention to these emails to ensure processing and approval of your study. 

Q. Can I initiate multiple submissions (ex: Modification and Renewal) for the same study at the same time?

A. The system will not allow multiple submissions on a single study at the same time. 

Q. Where can I get help with Cayuse IACUC?

A. Cayuse created IACUC help page.  You can find the help page at this link.  You may also contact the IACUC Office at any time.